SDK removing number from project name

This is strange. I used the jMonkey Initializer to create a project with the name “Slitherlink3D”.
When I download the zip file and open the project in the SDK, it has the correct name.

But, when I run the Priming Build, it removes the “3” from the project name and I am left with

I also notice it changed my package name from com._3dmathpuzzles to com.dmathpuzzles

That is just Java for you. It shouldn’t affect the name of the project, although I’m not sure in your case where this comes from. You can right click the project and select properties. This way you might be able to set a name for your project. If you are using Gradle, this should be in i.e., settings.gradle…

But the linked resource explicitly points out that you should be able to use an underscore in front of a digit to get a legal package name…

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Not true. A class name can have a number in it (As long as it is not the first letter) and a package can start with underscore and have numbers in it.

Its worth saying that the initialiser sanitises the name itself to make sure its a valid class (and package) name. It may be a bit overagressive. But what your classes and packages are called doesnt constrain what your end user sees as the application name

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It should not add its own requirements which are beyond the Java specification.
I understand the names are hidden from the user, but that still does not mean it is valid.