SDK screen bug

hello everybody I have a problem with the SDK, when I try to get something after the dot in every case the SDK starts to do this bug. Someone have any idea why?
I’m using an Alienware laptop with a 1070 gtx Nvidia and I’m using 2 monitors. Thx you for your help!


Do same happends in Netbeans 11/12? (SDK is Netbeans based)
If yes, maybe also worth to write on NB forum.

Probably related to vid card drivers

meanwhile you could use other IDE.(JME do not require sdk - see wiki)

Try taking this window out as a floating window , it may work.

Oh man, I thought I was the only one having this. I get this on Windows only, on Linux this works just fine. Also NVIDIA machine. I have spent some time analyzing the code and debugging. At least so far I didn’t find any SDK specific code that triggers it or is even run while this tearing happens. I never observed this with NB 8, it started with later NB versions (meaning also just the latest 3.3 SDK series).

And I never could even reproduce it while actually running the SDK from sources. Just happens with the release version.


The same issue appears on my PC with Windows OS, also 1070 with two monitors (with only one monitor situation is exactly the same)
Agree that it seems to be a driver issue, as I have one more app with a similar problem, it is based on java swing and I am the only one who has an issue with that application.


Netbeans works well :frowning:

I still have this problem :frowning: :pensive: :pensive: