SDK source Editor shows source compile errors

I am new to jmonkeyengine SDK.
I have installed the SDK 3.0 and after installation also updated it to latest.
also I have installed the Android plug-in.
I have created a BasicGame example and then activated Android Deployment and compiled it and run it on my android device.
This work good.
Now I tried to open the MainActivity to play arround it. The source editor shows that some symbols are not defined
and it can’t find some classes like “”, although compilation work without errors.

I think it is related to Android plug-in but I don’t know what to do to fix it.

I appreciated any help.

Read the comment in the source file

i have already read the following comment
* Note that you can ignore the errors displayed in this file,
* the android project will build regardless.
* Install the ‘Android’ plugin under Tools->Plugins->Available Plugins
* to get error checks and code completion for the Android project files.

In my post i wrote that i have installed Android plug-in. but the errors still appear

Build the project once.

thanks it works

Check out the manual, it explains all these things.