SDK update to Netbeans 13?

Please update to the latest NB13 in the SDK download from NB8.

If you would like to pitch in to make this happen then I’m sure that the one or two partial-people that work on the SDK would love the help.

Also you can use Netbeans 13 for coding and SDK just for assets/tools

Myself i use Intellij currently and suggest it much for a coding.

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We are in the process yes. And might take it as far as NB 14 since they don’t anymore supply long term support releases. So I imagine we’ll just take the newest one whenever a new release is coined.

You can try the newest SDK, it is based on NB 12. The older ones are NB 8 yes.


I’m currently using NetBeans 15 with no major issues.

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SDK 3.5 will be based on Netbeans 15 also

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