SDKBuilder: Docker Container

Hey Guys,
Due to the regular problems with Travis’ Constraints, I’ve built a Docker Container which simplifies building the sdk’s Installers.

This was very useful for me to determine wasted disk space and generally to debug the build process. It might come in handy for everyone wanting to build a custom SDK.
For everyone else it might not be of interest, which is why I wont spam this thread with text but instead just leave the link to the container.

Note that in order to debug the SDK you are better of with manually building on the host machine.


I suggest to fork this as jmonkeyengine/SDKBuilder for better visibility

Well that would be something the Core Team has to decide but I think since no-one actually needs the SDKBuilder apart from me, I don’t know if it would be a good idea.

Or are there people using it for whatever reason? I don’t know.