Seamless Lighting Question [Solved]

Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone knew the best way to handle the problem below. It could probably be solved by making my quads less massive but if there is a better way I want to know. In the video below you can see that on parts of the roof that are made up of difference quads the lighting between them makes it very obvious where the difference is. I want to know how I could get rid of that so it seems seamless. Another weird thing I’ve noticed is that some times the brightest spot on the floor is not where I am standing (which it should be because I have a light that goes where ever the camera goes). Any suggestions on how to fix this? Will I just need to make my quads smaller? Thanks for the help :slight_smile: (Sorry for the lagginess, my laptop is pretty old and cant work well when its screen recording.)

If you do the models in blender, the only thing helped for me was to subdivide big quads in small ones. I also wonder if there is a better way.

EDIT: Btw I’m not able to look your video, I get “error, try again later” like error.

Could you try to use single pass lighting?

renderManager.setSinglePassLightBatchSize(1);//this can be adjusted depending on the number of light you have in your scene, but you only seem to have 1 attached to the cam)

Multipass does light calculation per vertex, Singlepass does it per pixel so it might be better.

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What are the downsides of single pass lighting?


Edit: maybe a bit more explanation… :stuck_out_tongue:
It was made as an enhancement over multipass that was rendering the scene once for each light. SinglePass can render many lights in one pass.


Thanks for the help guys. The single pass lighting fixed both of my problems :slight_smile: