I have to think I am not the only person to be frustrated by this - is there any way to filter the search results based on inclusion/exclusion?

Like posts that contain "text" but NOT "texture"?

That search alone has had me wanting to break glass bottles over the heads of kittens for this entire week.  There isn't a single post on this site that doesn't seemingly have the word "texture" in it (including THIS ONE! what have I done!).

Is there a better way to search this site?  Using Google perhaps?

I agree with christius… Improving the search mechanism we can definitely make the forums more newbie-friendly… and have a better excuse at replying "Search the forums for the answer" without sending them to a needle in a haystack search. Can it be done?

here's my google search for this:

text -texture

Not quite as nice as the summaries in here but it seems to be more effective.

:wink: i too always use google to search the forum.

simply cause its much faster.