Searching for replay classes

Hello everybody,

searching for solutions for a replay function I found this topic:

This would be exactly what I need.  Unfortunately this topic is rather old and I cannot find these classes in the CVS :frowning:

Has anybody these classes or knows something similar, which I could use for recording and playing element's movements?

That no longer exists as far as I know. But, you could always go back to June 2005 in the CVS history, pull it out and bring it back up to date.

I tried to get these old sources from the CVS, but was not very successful: I cannot find these classes :frowning:

Maybe I did something wrong?

In eclipse I right-clicked on the project and chose "Team" - "Switch to another Branch or Version…" and there selected "Select the tag from the following list". I created a date for June 2005, choosed it, clicked "Finish" and eclipse started downloading the sources (I tried with the jME as well as jMEPhysics project). But no PhysicsRecorder.

Maybe the sources were permanently removed from the repository?

It seems that I have to think about an own solution, but if anybody knows an alternative, it would be great to tell me, because I have not that much time for my project as I would like to have…

I went looking for you and it is actually still in the latest revision of the cvs repository. Here’s the url for the sourceforge cvs browser:

I also double checked the newer svn repository and it is in fact not there. Good luck.

You won't have much fun with that. It cannot work with jME Physics 2 (even conceptually).

Just record the visual stuff. It's not useful to make a recorder physically. It should be really simple to write the position and rotation of a single node into a file/stream/memory and play that back later.