Searching rootNode within parent nodes

Hey guys, I have a rootNode that has three parentNodes where each of these parent nodes contain children.

if I want to get a spatial from these parentNodes and I dk which is the parent how can I do so?

I tried:


rootNode.getChild(id); // where id is the unique id of spatial


but it wont find it unless I do rootNode.getParentA.getChild(id);

anyway to loook through the rooNode without knowing the parent node?

You mean that id is the name? You are using this method?

It will automatically search for children. Just call it on the root node.

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id is the String unique id of the spatial (or name). Yes, thta is the method, and it won’t find a spatial that resides in a another node under the rootNode. It only finds children inside the rooNode but not another level deeper (within a sub node)

You are incorrect. It will search sub-nodes too. I looked at the code before responding the first time.

YOU ARE right!! Sorry I wasn’t passing the right id!!