Searcing for some motivation

Hello all Monkeys!

Just in general looking for some motivation to work up ideas for a project. I had logged a lot of ideas in the past on a private database forum a year or so ago. But the cloud server crashed and with it took out my forum :(. Just looking to get back into some 3D development in a game related fashion, possibly something rpg’ish. Maybe something that would allow more then one player to co-op etc.

I’m an ok 3D modeler and have some practice animating in Blender, Need to do some tutorials for the 2.6 blender now though. Have used lightwave 3D in the past for most of it’s existence (13 or so years off and on). Been slowly switching over to Blender.

I’ve always had an interest in 3D graphics in general, built my first 486 pc back in the doom / early quake days!

As for JMP love it! and seek to get better with it. Great community here.

You could always jump on board with one of the contests and see where that leads you. There’s also this:

Thanks Erlend!

I started from Lightwave too! Our avatars look the same. :slight_smile:

My avatar is my first render in blender (at 2006).

My suggesting:

Take: half-life2, Dead Space1, Left4Dead2 games and have a look at their textures, lighting.

Take DirecX reaper to see their textures.

Try to study sculpting and texturing.

Take good shaders:

Also, this will be helpful:

i work in closed team(3 people) creating diablo 3 similar game (but much more extended by having own castles / communites / etc).

game will be named:

Based on JME3 off course.

And you said you are good 3d modeler. If you interested to help some by existing models or creating new one on CC-By licence then you would be in game credits.

About your own project, if you have no motivation i propose you to watch some trailers for start. It usually give start ideas for project. Then you could see gameplay videos for more ideas.

If you want to do rpg i propose you see some videos about deus ex human revolution / mass effect 3.

Motivation is very hard when only you work on game. If you work in team and you see progress not only done by you, then motivation is bigger :slight_smile:

I showed you alpha logo of the game, but for me simple image gived many motivation too. If your team work not efficient then your motivation is low.

So i just propose you join one of existing great teams or create new one, if you have someone to team :slight_smile:

Just remember one: work in team :slight_smile:


Thanks for the suggestions! I have played a bit of each of the games you have listed there, they are good. I’ve also been impressed with the witcher 2 also :slight_smile:

I’ve also been looking at purchasing Blenderella and or Blender - Low poly character creations vid tutorial series. Have you had a chance to look at either of these?

And nice about lightwave! I had a-lot of fun learning and practicing with it over the years. A few online friends an I use to host an Irc channel long ago for helping people learn lightwave. My nick here is actually an abbreviation from lightwave spin quads, the method the great organic modeler Taron use to teach :slight_smile:


Thanks, I’ll give some thought to this idea. First I need to brush up on the 2.6 blender workflow and get comfortable with it.

there are many free resources for zbrush and texture painting. you can apply them to blender and gimp.

Can you draw by hand? Have a try myPaint program. If you want to become a 3d artist you should draw sketches like:

And the proram is: