See through water

Hello everyone,

i've been experimenting with the wonderful water effects but I cant get the effect I really want. The reflections on the water are so good I cant see anything below the surface (the ground, etc). I am trying to get different kinds of watercolour by placing a blue box below the water.

This even worked with my old graphic card driver. But since I updated to a new one (and the reflection now looks really cool) I cant see the ground at all.

Any hint is highly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,


Not sure but the last time I tried to simulate water I simply used a big quad and made it darkblue-ish. To give the effect of it being water I made the quad opaque, so you could look through it.

There are examples in JME where you can change the opacity (from the top of my head, the fadein/fadeout examples I think), perhaps that would solve your problem?

I can't help you with the actual implementation because I'm a noobie and haven't ever done GLSL, but your question got me wondering what could be done in OpenGL with refraction and other stuff that used to be only possible in ray tracers.

So here's a couple ideas:

it possible to get the water looking clear, but I had a "semi" hard drive crash that took java with it and saved watereffects too, can't reinstall windows now can't recall what settings  I used though "i.e names and such"

the water renderpass editor is good way to test different things though, just call

  JFrame frame = WaterPassEditor.makeFrame(waterEffectRenderPass);


after u set up the pass and run in windowed mode(works better).

sorry I can't be more help, I have a herd time retaining stuff I don't see for woeeks at a time

Kinda a ghetto way to do it, but I literally flipped the Quad over from the TestIsland example to get Refraction only.  :stuck_out_tongue: