Seeking help with JME Procedural Art Planets

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Hi we are two Danish ( artists looking for someone to help us produce a program which generates a never ending succession of procedural 3d planets for an upcoming exhibition at Beaver Projects ( here in Copenhagen January 2010. This exhibition is a part of an ongoing project for dealing with how role-playing and computer games enable us to reimaging the world around us.

We usually code, rather badly, in processing/JAVA and there is simply too little time to get into JME. Therefore we are looking for someone to assist us to make a version of the Procedural planet generator where the process of generation is visible.  For example you could see the perlin/fractal noise gradually generating the continents and oceans, so that that you get the actual feeling of planets being created rather than just seeing finished planet.  We

Maybe this will help:

It generates planets from scratch, based on parameters, and then renders them with a shader.

@Momoko_Fan: Actually that's just what i was going for, I was just hoping to hire someone to help us do it… Not enough hours in the day right now…