Seizon - new android board game with jME 3

Hey all, so I’ve been working on a new game for the past six months, and I’m happy to announce that it has been released on the Play store.

It’s a survival board game, with a medieval Japanese theme, named Seizon.
You can choose between different heroes and fight your way through your opponents.

There is an in-game tutorial to help players get there head around the rules, but here is an overview.
You are a warrior, and you have to kill your opponent!!
You have a board, with 36 tiles. There are 6 types of tiles: attack, qi (energy to cast spells or techniques), rice (health), defense, ryo (money), Opponents (the Ennemi minions).
Each tile has a different effect.
On each turn, you have to select 5 adjacent tiles on the board, and 1 to 5 of them will be randomly activated producing different effects (damages to the opponent, Heal you, replenish your Qi, etc…).
Additionally, you can cast special techniques.
Money can be spent, between fights, to buy gears or visit the geisha (heals 5 hp).
If you loose a fight…you die, and you have to start form the beginning.
However, the Karma of your defeated warrior remains, and stack through your different games and characters.

With Karma you can buy special abilities, that helps you go further in your battles.

There are 4 types of heroes you can unlock : The Bushi (the samurai warrior), the Yamabushi (the mystic hermit), the Ninja (the shadow assassin), the Courtier (the manipulative politician).
Each come with its own game style.

The game is free, but there are in-game purchases. Note that you can do the whole game, without spending any cent.
You can buy Karma, if you don’t want to earn it the regular way, or you can buy “continues” when your character dies.

I hope you’ll enjoy the game.

Special mention for the music of the game that has been composed by Paul Speed. Thanks you very much Paul, it’s awesome.



Tried it on Nexus 9, worked fine but I had one crash when button mashing the menu. It must have been one of the shop buttons. It said something like IAPKarmaShop can not be cast to appstate.KarmaShop.

rho damn it!
Thanks for reporting :wink:

EDIT : Ok, bug fixed, a new version will be up in few hours.

Hey monkeys.

We’ve released a new version of the game, with an new character : The Leader.
Once again, another way to play the game. The Leader can use any of the other characters techniques, but they are randomly dealt like cards.

Another big feature is the new Inheritance system. We had a lot of feedback about the game being a bit frustrating, because when you die, you lose everything.
The Inheritance system allows you to pass on some of your gears to your next character when you die.
Also when you reach high levels, you’ll now be able to start the next game from an higher level.

Since the first version, we also enhanced the tutorial, as many people didn’t completely got the rules of the game.
I hope you’ll enjoy it.

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Cool. I must be a really conservative player because I haven’t died yet… didn’t even know what the penalty was. This sounds better. (…or maybe I just haven’t gotten high enough level to have the baddies be really dangerous yet.)

P.S.: Do you have any social media accounts that I/we could follow for information like this? It would especially make it easier to share this kind of thing with our social circles and maybe build you a following for your next endeavors.

I’m starting on twitter, @RamPaGe1337.

@nehon said: I'm starting on twitter, @RamPaGe1337.

Cool… you need to spruce up your profile/page a bit. :slight_smile:

I am playing your game on my Nexus 7 right now. It’s running without any issue and the everything looks great! :smiley:

I’ll report back in details after I’ve spent some more time with it.

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Thanks :wink:

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I’ve just noticed the game for the first time… the site should really feature a showcase of jme products, like libDGX!

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