Select and controll a Unit

Hi guys,

i am started working with jmonkey and i want to create a little strategy game.

Therefore I need to select an unit and give it a job i.e. go to these point or attack these target or something like this

I created a little scene with a ninja and a black box. I can select the ninja (may you see the redpoint behind the mouse^^) and i can give this mesh a target . So i want to tell the mesh go to the target. But I don’t know how to handel that. Thinks like move dont work for me, cause i want teleport my units. All in all i have both points, but i have to know how to move my mesh step by step :slight_smile:

I looked for samples or codes which handle my problem, but i didnt found somethin like that.

Hope you are able to help me

please excuse my fuc*ing bad english

so far…

Dominique :slight_smile:

Interpolation is the keyword you are searching for i guess.

Cinematic’s may be useful, but I’ve never used them so I can’t say exactly, but as @Kurosei said, this can be accomplished using [java]Vector3f intermediateLocation = FastMath.interpolateLinear(Vector3f start, Vector3f end, float amount);[/java] and then increase the amount over time from, 0 → 1, in an update(float tpf). The interpolate function is mentioned somewhere in the slide show:

Thank you for your fast reply

i will test :slight_smile:

EDIT: Hell yeah i works great ! :smiley: