Selective occlusion?

Hello there,

I’m in trouble with the occlusion filter.

This filter works well BUT occlusion is also applied on decals, which is bad in a few case in my game.

So, is there a way to prevent the occfilter to be applied on some mesh or node or even on material ?

Thank you for your help

you mean ssao?
You can put the decals in the translucent bucket and add a translucent bucket filter to the filter stack

Thank Nehon for you quick reply.

Btw, I’m using FogFilter used for cam FrustumFar attenuation.
If decals are set to Translucent Bucket, they will no longer be affected by the fogFilter ? Am I wrong ?

You’re right…

So…forget about the translucent bucket. What you could try is to disable depth write for the decals, an dput them in the transparent bucket, but that could lead to issues in some cases…but you can try.

Ok I have to mix the both methods :slight_smile:

I splited my mesh and use two differents materials. One in the transparent bucket and the other one in the translucent bucket. Then adding to the stack a translucent bucket filter.

It works this way and this is not too much “expensive”.

Thank you for your support 8)