Sending jMe view to video stream


I'm having hard times with a project in which I need to send what a secondary camera is viewing in scene to a Theora video stream. I could manage to do something, but it's not very clean.

I wanted to use jMe 2.0 instead of 1.0 for this project but I found a problem.

I have 2 questions :

1 : I'm using the class LWJGLPbufferOffscreenRenderer to get picture from the camera and use the data inside it to make bufferedImage an other process on the picture. The problem is that this class is not compatible with jMe 2.0. I had a look to the class to see what I can do, but I'm not capable of making it usable. Does anyone made it work with jMe 2.0, or know a way to get image data from an offscreen renderer with jMe 2.0

2 : Another solution could be found by using a dual monitor config, with the secondary camera's view textured on a quad on the second monitor (and, I guess, the first cam's view texture on an other quad on the 1st monitor). I tried to use dual monitor but never could span jMe fullscreen view to both display. I'm on Mac os 10.5. Is there something special to do to have a dual monitor fullscreen of jMe on OS X ?

Thanks for the help

To receive renderer data as a frame stream, you will need to do some changes to jME or use OpenGL code.

Essentially you need to make the calls in this order:






This will store the data into an Image object, from which you can grab the ByteBuffer containing the RGB data.

You could add this as a new feature to jME :stuck_out_tongue: Since this is an often requested feature it would help many people.

Any progress on this?  I've been trying to do this exact thing for the longest time…

No. I found a way to have some results on jMe 1.0, but it was very slow and buggy. I stopped to work on it. It was too difficult for me and I was in an emergency state (exhibition starting a few weeks after I posted this message).

By the way, I trying my best making jMe as popular as I can in our small world of intercative media artists in France :wink: A good tool need to be known!

Has there been any developments to this? I'm trying to render a camera to a video sequence as well, and I'd rather use as much built-in JME stuff as possible…