(September 2016) Monthly WIP screenshot thread

yeah, the real question is how did you made this perfect replica of jme HUD in Unity ? sooo Unreal .


we must wonder right, could infact unreal and unity actually be made frome jmonkey :open_mouth:
or could it be that JME HUD was added afterwards…

No, I would say that that is a perfect demonstration of what jme lacks to look good.

High quality assets and a talented shader guy?

Imho those should be in your team…
If we speak only about visual quality, it all depends on the assets…


“What kind of paper should I buy to make good Manga? Every one I’ve tried seems to only support blobs and stick figures…” :slight_smile:


I think it’s more about the talented shader guy though, great shaders can make even mediocre assets look good.

That low poly toy harrier wouldn’t look nearly as good without the reflections and pbr.


Possibly one of the best analogies I’ve heard on this debate.

Testing some simple AI controls.



No, I would say “out-of-the-box good looking shaders”. Adding jme’s filters to a scene instantly makes it look much better, but still not on the level of other engines (ok, usually professional ones).

You’re only limited by your imagination and your pc power. If we ever get JME 3.1 working right with AMD cards again I’ll show you some awesome effects. My crummy little lap top won’t support them.

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And the fact that some people here (including me) want to learn shaders really bad, but every time they try they have no clue what’s going on.


Partially, but mostly your competence.

@grizeldi It takes time and patience. When I first started I had no clue what was happening with nearly the whole engine. Now , I’ve spent time learning and mastering it I’m starting to put out stuff that looks like professional quality games.

I’ve been working with JME for about 2 years now I think. It has taken me at least that long to grasp the fundamentals and master them. You’re only going to get out of it what you put in.

You should visit some shader sites and learn the core of what makes them tick. Don’t be intimidated by the math. There are people out there who make shaders and do most of the math for you. You just need to learn what variables to change and when.

@MoffKalast I would assume a minimal standard level of intelligence among anyone interested in programming a video game. Anyone who lacks that basic degree of intelligence won’t last long , maybe a month or two.

The only good advice i can give you is learn quickly how to debug with colors :smiley:

Really, start with a super simple shader, (full screen blue quad) and then start playing around… once you get how the shader pipeline works, how to pass variables around, it gets fun.

Oh there is another usefull advice: Give your variables not only speaking names, but speaking names with middle and surname. vertexNormalWorldSpace for example… Always know in what space your are :wink:

Yeah, I got it to the gl_fragColor = vec4(something) part and linear gradients. But the problem then is, that I don’t know where to go from here on. Just setting a color is not really useful by itself. I was trying to understand some stuff from GPU gems and from some other places as well, but I always fail to understand the math behind it…
So basically I get stuck here:

I don’t get intimidated by it, but I just don’t understand what is going on, so I can’t really make something on my own afterwards…

Hacking shaders: take Unshaded.j3md… break it and fix it again until you understand it. Then when your hair grows back, do the same with Lighting.j3md.

Find a general tutorial on what a vertex shader and a frag shader does.

You don’t really have to understand why the math works to do a lot of things… just that it does. (Though a thorough understanding of why a dot product is so useful in a dozen different places is helpful.) Just knowing that matrix * vec gives you a vec that is transformed by that matrix is the main thing. Everything else is mostly just a handful of tricks.


true, true. And if all breaks, rumors say there is a math monkey around in this forum :wink:

So funny to be the “math monkey” here where in so many jobs I was the math idiot. :slight_smile:

Some mediocre models of my own:

The nuclear wessels :smiley:


I thought it was the nuclear weasel. I think that would be a better name for a space ship.

Captain watch out ! We have a Nuclear Weasel coming up on the radar.

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