(September 2016) Monthly WIP screenshot thread

Is there a typo in the upper left corner?

Yup there is. I misspeled “Transferator” while creating a new ship.

Oops :wink: there is a way to change the ship’s name for the end user though, isn’t it?

Almost 3400 objects in the scene … not bad :wink:

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Not yet. Gotta add that to my todo list.

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Ironman says what… hard surface sculpting FTW.

Ali_RS, do you know any libraries allowing to calculate paths for AI dynamicly? (Or anybody else might know).

GDX-AI, I use it, an it is very simple. It does path finding:


How about jme3-ai?

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Thanks guys, I will try this.

First time creating a Nifty Control, took me 2~hours (way to long).
Overcomplicated it a lot, then rewrote it in 20min.

It’s a grid layout.


Strange resolution

Yes, I am using JME-AI.
You can find how to use it and a lot more about doing AI things in jme cookbook

P.S: It uses a Navigation Mesh (which is generated from a mesh) to find path. You can both use jme navmesh generator to create this out of your terrain or use blender to generate navmesh. I am using blender to generate my navmesh out of terrain mesh but that is half way, then i need to edit this navmesh (ex : remove triangles (called Cell in JME-AI) that path finder should not find path through them (for example it should not find path through houses or constructions) ), and today (after seeing BigBob’s post above) a new cool idea came to my mind, which will do edit process in code when loading my scene and it will be fully dynamic :grinning:

P.P.S : there is also MonkeyBrains : https://github.com/QuietOne/MonkeyBrains
and steer behaviours AI which is integrated with MonkeyBrains : http://jmesteer.bdevel.org/
You can find docs in wiki page.


Do you mean the dimensions of the Buttons? They are relative to the screen. I type rows="10" columns="10" in XML and it will make every panel 1/10 of the total screen (and the buttons 80% of the panel).
Or do you mean the resolution of the game (1024 * 800)? I choose it as it was the last one in the list of the startup program. I agree, it looks weird :stuck_out_tongue:

If you have chosen 1024x800
Why is the picture 1295×758 (which is a strange resolution XD)

That’s strange, I choose the following:

Probably something wrong with Windows’ Prt Scr (Print Screen)

Btw: Do you already have Experiences about Steering Behaviors and dynamical obstacle avoidance?
E.g. Ogrecrowd is a project which might be worth taking a look at.

Essentially I mean that the “Follow a Path” Behavior somewhat uses the Avoidance Behavior to not crash into a) Dynamical Objects and b) The World due to Avoidance.

a) Essentially means that we have a “colission radius” and when an npc/car is within this radius we use that as obstacle to avoid, but:
b) Our Steering Behaviors alter the curves you walk. What happens, when those lead you against a wall? I thought about using some mathematics to detect the holes in the poly-navmesh and then somehow filling it with boxes but that feels problematic, maybe there is already something from the recast side?

Well I think then it’s just the border radius which leads to the the strange numbers^^

Which curves?

And why filling it with boxes


Oh the project is trying to load one of my scenes. I’ll be sure to fix that it should only take a couple minutes.

There’s also the possibility of adjusting the weights of congested areas.

Pathfinders will find another path along the non dynamic points on the possible paths while knowing to avoid dynamic ones by making those paths undesirable.