(September 2016) Monthly WIP screenshot thread

Well, have to say that happens too. Depends on the task complexity. If the task can be automated using a 100liner i think we should not argue.

Made some improvements on how the attaching system handles larger modules.

What you’re looking at here is a debug representation of the voxel data obtained from module position+volume that is stored in a hashset.

That set can now be speedily checked for any overlapping by merely looking if the vector key exists. Then it either switches the held module’s attachment point/rotation to fit or aborts if it can’t get a good position.

It leaves switching attachment points to the system and frees the player to rotate modules with the right click even when they’re attached for preview. So in turn, faster and more accurate building…except in some edge cases which I still have to check.

Hopefully now I can add more modules that aren’t 1x1x1 without the system overlapping everything if you’re not careful.


Yay no more placing cargo crates and long reactors into stuff!

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My weekend in a nutshell.
Friday:I got sprites drawn to the screen, thought to my self WoW I’m making progress.
Friday Night: bought an RX 480
Saturday morning - Sunday late night : Trying to get Debian to work with the 480, trying to troubleshoot why a 4 year old gtx 680 has 3x the performance of my new graphics card.

…cough… linux’s crappy drivers …cough…

I rarely let my self get it to the hype machine, but i wanted to believe so hard that amd was going to make good on promises. They said they had a shared code base and linux drivers would be with in 10% of windows ones.
Which might actually be true. I ended up installing windows 10 over the weekend to see if it was just linux. Windows 10 on a samsung ssd gave me about the same performance as ubuntu.

I installed 3 operating systems this weekend.
Debian + noveau would only show my mouse cursor.
Debian + muddled amd drivers would display no desktop but i could use a terminal.
Ubuntu + amd drivers worked by gave bad performance.
Windows 7 & 10 gave ok performance both worse than my gtx 680

for now though, nvidia cards seem to work much better with Jmonkey both in the windows and linux space

Hm, an RX 480 should perform about as good as a GTX 970. What temps are you getting?

man… AMD… Linux… so many bad decisions …

(don’t mind me I’m in a trolling mood)

Fixed that for you :chimpanzee_closedlaugh: time to name drop some of the more fun open gl 1 people and get them all worked up

45c-50c its not the temps. However ill ramp up my fan curve to rule it out.

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Since you have that card running on Windows, too… how does it do with standard benchmarks?

Often AMD will pass benchmarks well but fall off a cliff outside that.

I’m at work right now so i cant post benches and I’ve only run 3d mark as I spent most of the weekend trying to get the card to work with linux, but it performs better than the nvidia gtx 680 card on the benchmarks. I do see performance gains in new Doom with the vulkan api. The 480 has this super rez function that will trick your monitor in to displaying a higher rez than your monitor supports.

If anyone wants me to test their game on cpus:amd, intel Graphics stacks: Nvidia, amd , OS: Windows 7/10, Linux (no macs in my house) please send me a message and I’ll give them a good testing and take video capture for you.

WIP of the wardrobe UI!

With Lemur and 2 viewports, one for the blue box (the pj in a near future) and other for the list at the right (the list of the diferents clothes you can wear).

Both viewports (The 2D-right one is extending the 3D-left) are “almost stand-alone” Lemur components. Because of how viewports work I can’t remove the need of calling a method (open/close) whenever the parent lemur container is opened/closed. I could create the viewport on the first “update” but I can’t find a way to know when to close it.

However, they work pretty well, giving smooth scrolling to any other lemur component (such as the list grid - a lemur container).


did you use custom styling to achieve that look with lemur?

Love the styling of your Lemur components!

I actually develop purly with linux on amd.
But you said the devil aka ubuntu aka blast from the past as stable :slight_smile:
I guess your real problem is that you use mesa from like 2-5 years ago, while nearly all improvements were made in the last 3 years.

However that would not explain the problems with windows. I have actually a R9 200 so a bit older but similar, and it performs actually quite fine for the money it did cost. I currently use it to play the Deus Ex game, and it manages ~30fps on mostly high settings, which is about similar to comparable nvidia cards.

Oh cool, that is a really neat looking sleek and modern design. It makes my HUD look like something from the 90s. Sigh, time to renovate again.

P.S. The promo poster for the conference I’m attending this Saturday:


Being better than No Man’s Sky is not that difficult ^^

Well quoting a “Salty PAX visitor” is IMHO more convincing than quoting a “Some guy” as it was in the previous version of the poster.

Hey, when will I be able to design that Ogli boss-monster-ship and name the Ogli homeworld? Not that I would have too much time but kindof want to fool around with that game soon ^^

Yeah, it’s not complete yet, but I’m trying to do it the more simply and clear as I can

Well, I love your style, I think it’s more according to the type of your game than mine xD