Server Moved

The jME server was moved today into a server room with a non-failing switch, more room, and better ambient conditions… Speeds should be much better, the jMP Update Center should be working, etc.

If you’re noticing slow speeds please reply in this thread or a PM with what you were trying to do and what time (and time zone you’re in) you were trying to do it. :slight_smile:


ah awesome, i’m definitely noticing an improvement overall, thx

Marvelous ! Thank you very much :slight_smile:

A much needed move in preparation for Beta 1. Way to take a stand for jMonkeyEngine in the server trenches Skye :smiley:

Nice, very nice. But the website (here) seems sluggish. Sometimes it takes a while before getting a page or having a post confirmation.

Except for that, I can’t tell since I haven’t updated my jMP yet. I’ll wait a bit on that one. Been bitten on the arse too many time to jump on it right away. :wink:

BTW I’m on East Coast Canada.

Thought you’d like to know that I’ve been getting some 500 errors in the last hour or so (can’t connect to DB).

Damn, I forgot to add that updating is now much faster.

You guys did a great job. Kudos.

madjack said:
Thought you'd like to know that I've been getting some 500 errors in the last hour or so (can't connect to DB).

Thanks, we just noticed the issue a little while ago and are working on it :)

Glad it helped with the updates though!

yeh i got the same errors as madjack in the last hour ← United Kingdom