Server with DummyDisplaySystem: what to do with textures?


we are running a server simulation using a DummyDisplaySystem which loads the same model files as the client applications, for consistent collision detection. It almost works, the only thing that bugs me is that the server apparently tries to load the textures of the model. Of course this makes no sense since the server doesn't use the textures as it never renders anyting.

Is there a way to elegantly prevent the server from loading the textures at all?


As DummyDisplaySystem's name suggest, it only doesn't display things. Loading textures or even models is (mostly) independent of the DisplaySystem used.

There's no quick fix "as is" that will tell jME (in a decent way) not to load textures afaik. There might be some hacks that work though, and it'd be easy enough for you to add something like this (as long as Textures are loaded through TextureManager).

I thought so, ok thanks. Let's see what we can hackā€¦  :wink: