Server World Data 2011-04-28…

Someone asked me to post the latest server world data… so I have:

It’s about 14 meg.

If anyone is interested in goofing around with writing mapping utilities, I can show them how to instantiate a WorldDatabase instance that reads that data.

Otherwise, if you just want to run it in your stand-alone client, unzip it and make sure it’s renamed to mythruna.db in your current working directory.

Hehe, cool. Cant wait for mythruna to add the map function :slight_smile:


Mythruna’s maps will not be so detailed.

How did you access the world data? Did you go through the API in the mythruna jar or reverse engineer the format?

Excellent. And these are the critical bits to accessing the world database…


File base = new File(“mythruna.db-2011-04-28/”);

File base2 = new File(


LeafDatabase leafDB = new DefaultLeafDatabase(base);

BlueprintDatabase bpDB = new DefaultBlueprintDatabase(base2);

LeafFactory leafFactory = WorldUtils.createDefaultLeafFactory();

WorldDatabase worldDB = new DefaultWorldDatabase(leafDB, leafFactory,



Note: you can actually leave leafFactory null and it will prevent it from generating any parts of the world that the users haven’t been to. I should add a null blueprint DB option, too… as that would shorten the required setup by a few lines.

Yeah, grab whole LeafData objects at a time. They are 32x32x32 chunks of the world. So the calling code will be a little trickier but alot faster.

It takes me only 10-20 seconds or so to load the data for a square kilometer for my map viewer.