Services Offer

Hi Guys,

I don’t know what the current status is on the web development team, but I would to offer my services. I have worked with wordpress, php, designing, css, etc for several years.

I’d be happy to join and help out on the website. I’m especially interested in the responsive side of things and making the website super mobile friendly.


Great! @erlend_sh will sure be happy to hear that :slight_smile:

Thank you very much for the offer @bgilb, I’m gonna take you up on that post-haste.

I put together a to-do list in this thread.

The design-specific items are as follows:

– Lacking jME identity: What could we do to add more “jMonkey identity” to the site?
– Reduce space between posts and reduce drop shadow. Also, is the white/grey/white/grey really necessary when each post is it’s own “card”? I’m not so sure…
– Left-aligned avatars/profiles when full-width.
– The separation between profiles and post content could look better.

Please share your opinion about these items as well as any ideas of your own you might have for the theme.

  1. I think if you picked 2 colors that represented us throughout the site consistently it would help the cohesiveness. If you notice on a site like Unity, they stick with using dark gray and light blue all throughout the site. I think this could go a long way. You could go with a yellow like in the logo, and a dark grey. I also think if the logo was redesigned to be more professional looking it would help lend towards the credibility of jMonkeyEngine. If the logo was a vector instead of a raster image it would also look better on t-shirts and merchandise.

  2. I think just eliminating the drop shadow would help with that. I don’t think its necessary to alternate white to gray. I also think the search box doesn’t need an entire column to itself.

  3. I would just need to get into the CSS and see how the media queries are done to get up to speed on how the responsive layout is done. Shouldn’t take long at all to figure that out.

  4. I think if it went farther than a dotted line it would look better, such as a clearly defined section for it.

Let me know your thoughts.

Some random things:

I feel Erlend on the “large banner” thing but I was wondering if there was a middle ground.
Wondering if the theme would support moving the side-menu and sticking the head above it:

I actually really like the new monkey head and always thought it fit a game site well. But I guess art is subjective.

I also 1000% agree on the drop shadows thing. They are really intense. It’s like someone said “Hey, those drop shadows look cool let’s make them huge.” That being said. They do look cool and maybe they would work if they were smaller.

For short-term branding, I wonder if we could just bring back a green to the margins… either the same green or something paler if the JME-green makes the icons look bad. That would go a long way to making people feel less like they’d accidentally gone to the wrong site. At least until something better is ready.

  1. Sounds good, we’ll have to do some experimenting! The logo is tricky, because getting it just right means several iterations, and several iterations costs a lot of money. So unless a capable artist volunteers, I don’t really feel like diving into freelancer territory until we know exactly what we want.

  2. Agreed, reduced drop-shadow is step #1.

  3. Sure thing, you should have received an e-mail. Do note that our theme is based on Bootstrap 3, so it should follow most best practices with regards to responsiveness already.

  4. Oh definitely. I just haven’t gotten around to filling in the sidebar with more relevant content yet. It’ll have more useful stuff shortly.