Set up problems with netbeans

Firstly: an apology. I'm just a noob coder, but I am having severe trouble with the netbeans instructions as posted in the wiki. I followed the instructions to a tea (Java, geddit  :P) but whenever i try to run it I get

java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: FilesJavaJavaMonkeyEnginejmelib

From the:

java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: FilesJavaJavaMonkeyEnginejmelib


the mentioned xml is from me but i must confess that i only tested it on linux.

So if You find errors/solutions with other OS'es then please drop a note at the wiki.

You guys are the best! Single quotes on vm options are all it takes :P. You might want to update the wiki for windows to update with single quotes. Thanks a lot for your help: didn't even need to edit any xml, was just the quotes  8)

glad it works now

Single quotes on vm options are all it takes

what vm options do You mean ? in NetBeans project properties run tab ?