Set viewDirection on CharacterControl does not change the view?


I got this ragdoll attached to a charactercontrol. Its in kinemeticmode and showing a walking zombie.

Problem is, the zombie is partly moonwalking :stuck_out_tongue:

I try to set the view direction:

[java]Vector3f look = zombie.body.getWalkDirection().clone();

look.y = zombie.body.getPhysicsLocation().y;


But it doesnt change the zombies rotation at all…

What am I doing wrong?

Hm… You should use a node in between the character control and the ragdoll. Thats create a node, add a character control, load the model, add the ragdoll, then add that to the node, dont use both controls on the model.

Ahh yea, forgot to mention thats what I’v done.

I got a node controlled by the body and the spatial w.ragdoll is attached to that.

Maybe thats whats causing the no rotation?


Some old stuff in another file lying around messing things up :stuck_out_tongue: