I understand that I can only make opengl calls from a single thread.

But how I change that thread from the main (original application) thread to another one that I designate for the purpose? I can't find any MakeCurrent or setContext methods.

do I have to LWJGLSystem.createContent() and then copy all the bits and peices over from the old context?

Sorry, I cannot answer your question… but I have another one for you…

Why would you want to do that? If you use StandardGame the thread is already a separate 'OpenGL' thread… apart from the main game thread…

I don't use standard game. I have my own game application designs.

I use JME for its scene graph engine. not its application classes.

If you're using LWJGL as your renderer, you can use the calls AWTGLCanvas.makeCurrent and Display.makeCurrent to change the context's thread.

Thank you, I'll give that a try.