setDialogBehaviour for StandardGame


First of all I am a real noob, I just starded with jme 2 days ago.

I so far I have been programming with SimpleGame and going through the toturials I have learned that StandardGame is away better than SimpleGame.

Is there a possibilty to use the SimpleGame.setDialogBehaviour() method in combination with StandardGame?

My attempt was somthing like this:

StandardGame sg =new StandardGame("Standard");




So how do I have to change the code, so that setDialogBehaviour works?


That isn't supported in StandardGame.  There is a new way to display a dialog for settings:

      // Instantiate StandardGame
      StandardGame game = new StandardGame("A Simple Test");
      // Show settings screen
      // Start StandardGame, it will block until it has initialized successfully, then return

That code is taken from TestStandardGame.  I would recommend looking at it for some further details.