Hi everybody!

I just try to give my application it's own look-n-feel. What I want to do, is define my own application icon. I use the following code to do this:

BufferedImage img16 = File("data\images\logo16.gif"));
ImageGraphics draw16 = ImageGraphics.createInstance(16, 16, 1);
draw16.drawImage(img16, 0, 0, null);

BufferedImage img32 = File("data\images\logo32.gif"));
ImageGraphics draw32 = ImageGraphics.createInstance(32, 32, 1);
draw32.drawImage(img32, 0, 0, null);
DisplaySystem.getDisplaySystem().setIcon(new Image[]{draw16.getImage(), draw32.getImage()});

I don't get any exception and the images are loaded correctly. BUT I only see an "empty" icon. Where the loaded icon should be displayed, there just is nothing. Any ideas where this problem comes from and any suggestions how to fix it?

Thanks and best regards,