setLogicTicksPerSecond has no effect

Hello again!

Sorry for bothering all of you with my problems again, but i can't seem to get my FixedLogicrateGame to work properly.

As i already said my game class extends FixedLogicrateGame:

public class Main extends FixedLogicrateGame {

After starting the game i try to set the logicrate:

   public static void main(String[] args) {
      Main app = new Main();

But no matter what value i pass to setLogicTicksPerSecond, the update function seemingly is called the same times per second.
That means i can pass 10, 60 or whatever, the objects are moving at the same speed all the time and are stuttering, as well.
The variable "interpolation" of the update() method is always set to -1.0.

I searched the forum and found some others having a problem, but i couldn't really find a solution to the problem.

Thanks for any hints in advance!


returns after the app has finished - so that last line is executed when you exit your app :)

put that code into the init method and it should work

the interpolation parameter is not used (as stated in the javadoc) - use the tpf field instead (I think that exists in FixedLogicrateGame)

Ouch, that blockhead of me hurts. ^^

Thanks for your answer.  :smiley: