setPhysicsLocation protected with BetterCharacterControl?

So, I was starting to wonder why all my CharacterControl calls were being struck-through, and then I realized it has become deprecated, being replaced with BetterCharacterControl.

My problem is I was using setPhysicsLocation on the CharacterControl outside the class containing the CharacterControl (I had a get method to return the CharacterControl). I did it this way because I had one class that was setting put the physics location for all objects when loading the scene. Now however, the setPhysicsLocation says it has protected access inside BetterCharacterControl, and I don’t know how else to set the physics location of the character.

Am I wrongly setting up the physics location for my BetterCharacterControl( It is merely for one single character)?

Either use warp or set the spatial location before you attach the control. Note the BetterCharacterControl still creates uncontrolled rotation/sideway forces atm. and is not for production use yet. You are doing something wrong with the character if it doesn’t work or gets stuck.
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