setPhysicsLocation() which kind of coordinate sets does it use? local or global

I try to make a plying character in first person view without models,

i use character control but i don’t know which sets of coordinates to pass to the setPhysical location

if world coordinate or local seen that the control cannot be attached to the nodes.

please don’t triple post!

Read the many tutorials and test cases and try and figure it out. Repeat posting will get you zero help.

Thank you for answering in at least one of the three post,

there is no need to be so acid take a vacation,

by the way the question isn’t so stupid.

See ya!

@geniodella: Posting the same question that is already answered multiple times in the documentation is pretty stupid. Then not even “just” bumping it but just posting it again and again further adds to the image of being stupid. Then accusing people of being acidic who give you a hint not to triple-post (yes, we all saw your post and just thought “omg, rtfm”) completes the Mona-Lisa of ignorance. Theres no need to be so uninformed, take a vacation from the forums and read the documentation.