setSettingsDialogImage() with assets

Hi. I’m trying to change the AppSettings splash screen in jme3 and I can’t seem to load images properly.

This is how I’m trying to do it:


I’ve tried with jpg as well but I can’t get it to show another picture. The original Monkey.png is just removed.

I does however seem like I can acces the file, because If I do

[java]String str = “assets/Textures/back.png”;

File f = new File(str);

System.out.println(str + " : " + f.exists());[/java]

then the string following string is written to sys.out:

[java]assets/Textures/back.png : true[/java]

I’ve read all the docs I could find on the matter but nothing seems to work. Please help :slight_smile:

Add a slash before the name (not needed for assetmanager but this is plain AWT java)

Use “/Textures/back.png”

Thank you so much guys - Great response time :slight_smile:

BTW, I should change this so you don’t need the first slash, so it would be like any other asset path in JME