Setting ambient light for Spatials


Is there any way to set Ambient Light (like in material) for many meshes of model? I got 170 meshes so it’s hard to create material manually. Is it possible to do that without creating materials? Becasue JME materials are so blurred.

Not sure what you’re after here. Each ambient light source can be applied to an entire scene or to any subtree of the scene graph.

JME3 can’t render a geometry unless it has a material. However, geometries in the same app can share materials, so in most cases you won’t need a new material for every geometry.

Not sure what you mean by creating materials manually, or why you think JME materials are blurred.

I know. But my Ambient Light from Scene doesn’t work for geometries which doesn’t have Material created (I mean that .j3m material definition in Materials folder). In Material there is a line with Ambient Light. So I have to set it on example: 0.25 and then it work. When I got geometry from Blender with HD 2048x2048 texture, and open it in Scene Composer, chose mesh and click on Create j3m material, it became blurred with lower texture quality.