Setting orientation of loaded model to correct one


When I load a model it's not as I wish (expect), for example if it is standing straight in 3d max it loaded lying down in jME (why is that?). I rotate it then for 90 deg. Problem now is that model's coordinate system is also rotated, (0,1,0) is not longer up direction for a model, so KeyNodeForwardAction and similar methodes don't move model along correct axis.

My question is, how to load a model to be in right stance, or how to change coordinate system of a model? I went through javadoc but couldn't find anything useful.

it's because max has z-up and jme uses y-up as default. either you can start using z as up in jme or a flipyz option can be added to the colladaimporter(if that's what you are using)…adding that option to the importer is something i can try to find time to do…

I'm using MaxToJme converter.

I think I'll just rotate the model in 3d max then. Thank you.

On the other hand I'm starting to wonder if setting the up and right vector (coordinate system) for a model without changing it's appearance should be implemented.