Setting spatial to coordinate NaN…

when i do a…
spatial.setLocalTranslation(Float.NaN, 0, 0);
…it gets not rendered (wow – who’d guessed that?), but it does not throw an exception an just bravely stores the value – wich is just something, i might use for storing translations from 5D to 3D because i could use the mantisse of the NaN-float for the imaginary component and have my Vector3f’s kind of retranslatable into my Vector5f’s with just loss of some precision. Wich is ok because my 5th-components just only needs small integers, so the mantisse of the x/y/z would provide enough bits. And i could always retrieve that information and dont have to implement my own assurance if something is real atm^^.

The only question arising: At witch point gets such a translation removed from Scenegraph? I debug-stepped into the above fn and the engine just only sets some flags. At wich point do they get used? What is the class/fn that actually decides if something is to be send to the GPU?

Skip that thought … UserData is far more easier than this hack … ^^