Setting the options for a niftyGui dropdown within XML or the builder

I know you can set the options for a niftyGui dropdown in java after the dropdown is created:

    DropDown<String> dropDown = currentScreen.findNiftyControl(id,DropDown.class);

Which can be fine but when building complex screens it gets a bit messy to go back and fill in the drop down later

Is there a way either in the XML and/or in the Java Builder that I can set the drop down options then and there, so is there anything I could put in for the ??? below to make the dropdown have “yes”, “no”, “maybe” as the dropdown options:

<control id="dropDown2" name="dropDown">


    new PanelBuilder(){{
        control(new DropDownBuilder("dropDown"){{

The nifty pageI usually reference doesn’t seem to show how to do much with the dropdown unfortunately DropDown · nifty-gui/nifty-gui Wiki · GitHub

When I was working with dropdowns and tried do this with xml I couldn’t seem to find a way, and I couldn’t find any working examples when I searched around. It seems like the drop down menu was made to be filled through code for some reason. It’s odd because they let you do this in the xml for radio buttons and it’s well documented, so maybe there is a way for the dropdown control, but it doesn’t seem to be documented anywhere I’ve been able to find.

I also looked at the source code for the dropdown box, and there is a control called “DropDpwnPoupup” but I couldn’t get that to work either