Setting up jme in eclipse - ubuntu 8.10

Hi, i recently switched over to ubuntu to do all my programming but now i can't get jme to work. I followed the eclipse guide but every class has a red x next to it and i can't run the test programs because i have unresolved compilation errors. When i was using it in windows the project was compiled automatically but i can't find any button which does this in ubuntu.

I installed eclipse through synaptic package manager and i think it came with a JRE/JDK, could this be what is causing it? Which jdk should i be using? When i try to run a simple hello world class it comes up with some weird junit test thing?!

please help!!

Never mind, it was the jdk, got the real one from sun and everything works now yay!

time to get back to tearing my hair out over physics :smiley:

i'm in ubuntu8.04 ,use synaptic setup jdk is /lib/jvm/ …this path…maybe…

use eclipse check this path find jdk