Setting up jME in IDEA

I've been looking around for the correct way to setup jME in IDEA, I haven't seen any tutorials for it yet, i've never been any good when it comes to building an application off a framework, if anyone could explain to me how I should set IDEA up, I would be immensely grateful.

At the moment, I have jME2 source, I built it in ant using dist-all.

Where should I go from here?

Many thanks. I'll bodge my way through it for now anyway, hopefully get some understanding of jME.

Also if anyone wants to expand this into installing jME Physics into IDEA too, that would also be appreciated.

Thanks :).

You can create a new project or just a new module then add the distro jars you built for jme to the dependencies in the dependencies tab (I'm assuming you're using IntelliJ 7 or 8).

For jme physics, if you have the source downloaded then add it as a new module to the existing project… no different than the way you did jme2.0, except it's a module and not a project (so I guess that's a little different :))

I probably should put together a tutorial on this.  I'll add that to my list of things to do… one day.

If I have time today I'll do screenshots of 7 and 8 and modules… until then post any additional questions.


Great cheers, as it is I just went "create project from source" and banged in the source files, pretty bodged but it works and im still learning about the jME API so it was just handy.

Anyway thanks, I can get it structured properly now!

standtrooper said:

I probably should put together a tutorial on this.  I'll add that to my list of things to do... one day.


Yeah that'd be good. Would have been useful for me. I've managed to install JME2 in IDEA, but I don't remember how I did it. (there were curses)

alright I'll do that now then… give me a bit to get the screenshots and put together a tutorial on the wiki.

Ok, well for a quick tutorial I did about 14 screenshots and put a narrative together with them.

I put a link on the wiki homepage under IntelliJ tutorials.

The setup is the same from 5 to 8, but almost no one uses 5 anymore, some are still using 6, but 7 and 8 are predominant since 8 just released.

If you click on the image it'll open the image bigger.

Let me know if you have any issues.  One I can think of is that my monitor is 1400x900 so I shrunk the images down to 300 or so wide, but for some that may even be too big… when opened the images will be about 600 wide.


Nice one, thank you very much!

Not a problem… let me know if there are any issues with what I did or if the instructions weren't clear or something.  I've been using Intellij for almost 6 years, so this is all second nature to me.