Setting up jme-physics in eclipse


I'm having some problems setting up jme-physics in eclipse . Currently I have jme-physics in a seperate project and added my jme project to the build path. However, I keep on getting errors like "The type OdeCylinder must implement the inherited abstract method Spatial.setModelBound(BoundingVolume)". Any help would be greatly apreciated :smiley:


This was not your fault. jME Physics 2 was not in sync with the jME core. This is now fixed in cvs.

Yay it works. Thanks!  :smiley:

Sorry, but I have another problem  :roll:

I get the error Native code library failed to load: java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: no odejava in java.library.path when trying to run any of the test programs. Just started with the whole ide and cvs stuff so I'm probably missing something obvious.

Thanks for any help

choose impl/ode/lib as native library path for one of your jars in the project properties or start each test/program with the vm parameter


where [jmephysicsfolder] is replaced by your path obviously