Setting up Netbeans for jME

Hey everyone -

I’m following this tutorial for setting up Netbeans to work with jME. Unfortunately, when I get to ‘jMEPhysics Compilation’, I can’t add the library ‘JME-Compile’. It doesn’t show up in the initial list of ‘Available Libraries’ and even though it does show up in the library list that I get when I click ‘Import’, it doesn’t get added to the ‘Available Libraries’ list when I select it.

I’m completely stumped. I’ve tried to find other tutorials (I couldn’t find any more current ones) and I’ve tried deleting everything and starting over again.

However, I did find a jME2-Compile folder in the /jME2/jME2PhysicsJar/lib directory… this seems to indicate that the import actually occured, but that it wasn’t added to the list (which I’m assuming is found in ‘’, also in the lib directory).

I took a look at, and it seems as though it is made of 3 classpath links to the jar files of three libraries that are found in my lib folder. (JUnit 3.8.2, JUnit 4.1, and CopyLibs Task). Within my lib folder, these libraries are represented as folders, with a single .jar file inside. The JME2-Compile folder is also there, as I mentioned earlier, but inside of it are two other folders (build and src), even though it seems as though this folder is only supposed to house a .jar file. Is this the reason why this library is not being imported into the list? Is there any way for me to make these folders into a jar file via some implied step that I missed?

Anybody have any ideas? Sorry if I posted in the wrong category.

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EDIT: I kind of solved the problem. I just switched over to Eclipse. The tutorial was a little confusing as to how to install the SVN plugin, so I just followed the tutorial here. Everything seems to work now!