Setting up shadows in SceneGraph?

as far as i can see(just started, completely new here), there doesn’t seem to be an option to setup shadow-casting lights within the scene-composer?
I got everything working by source, but that seems to be a bit odd(if i want to have multiple levels with different light/shadow setups).

If i want to have specific lights of the scene to throw shadows, i somehow need to find them myself and attach the required Postprocessing at runtime.
(Thinking about adding a node, just for lights which need to have shadows. After loading a scene, i might iterate these if they exist and add the postprocessing).

And a sidequestion:
SO far, i found “only” directional shadows, are there pointlight-shadows, too?
(the sdk section for light and shadows shows only shadowtechniques for directional-lights)


ok, regarding my last question,
Just noticed there are Shadworenderer for each lighttype. SO that’s answered.
Remaining question is only about setting up the shadowfilters/renderers without too much work for different maps.
(i.e. like my example for a node containing shadowlights)

Make a new filter file and open/edit it.

i already tried this yesterday. However, on “AddFilter” i have all kinds of filters(SSAO, Bloom, etc) but nothing shadow related