Settler with jMonkey?

It's possible to create a "Settler"-Game with the jmonkeyengine?

  1. Create Persons
  2. Create Ships
  3. Create Houses (Mine, Living, Productions incl. Animation)
  4. Transport of Materials (Stones to Build-House)
  5. Change Persons to Fighter
  6. Change Persons to Pioniers

lol … I'm sorry.

Yes, the engine does allow all those things, you just have to program them yourself.

For the models take a look at ogre-xml

It sounds to me like you're looking for a more straightforward solution than what jME can currently offer. Actually, it sounds like you've got some reading up to do on the whole process of making a game.

By and large a game engine does not actually create content/assets for you; instead it lets you arrange and display these assets in a nice way, as well as applying certain rules to them, e.g. physics values.

To learn more, these are some good places to start: