setVSync not changing my FPS

Hi guys, I need to set the FPS in my game. Unfortunately, I couldn't use FixedFramerateGame because it forced me to implement getGameSettings() which I had no idea what to do with or what to put in the method body there

So I moved to StandardGame because I understood that setting VSyncEnabled(true) would keep the framerate down. Unfortunately I'm still getting High Framerates!

I even setVSync within the Game state itself.

Make sure to set the settings before calling StandardGame.start()

This gives me 60 fps:

       StandardGame game = new StandardGame("StarDustTest");

Or 45 FPS


To Implement getNewSettings() in FixedFramerateGame you can just create a PropertiesGameSettings instance.

   protected GameSettings getNewSettings() {
      return new PropertiesGameSettings("mySettings.cfg");

Ok, just for the person who coded StandardGame, setVerticalSync doesn't work for me, I still get the highest possible framerate.

However, setFramerate(int framerate) does work so thanks very much!