Several changes


I’m using jME for some months now and I like it very much! :smiley:

But as always when working with software I found several things that I had to improve (IMO of course):

  • rendering to texture (correct culling, support for queues and particles) to have multiple camera windows
  • an IndexOutOfBoundsException, NPEs and a bug in bounding sphere fixed
  • several performance/memory issues (severe stuff with gl buffers, some minor things)
  • some convenience stuff (chaining of maths calls, additional ctors, constants, extracted code duplicates to a method)
  • lensflare improved (fade away if occluded - only if scene node is specified - but it still need improvement)

    All the changes should not affect anyone in a negative manner. That’s why I propose to put them in the jME code.

    I already posted some of the issues on this board:

    But unlike all the other time on this board, these posts were not answered - maybe it’s not making sense to anyone?

    A patch with all that changes above I have put here (as it’s long):

    All changes have a comment starting with “irrisor:” to explain, why I changed it.

    Please tell me, what you think about it.

Taking a look at the patch now, irrisor. Not sure why your posts kept getting ignored. Sometimes, things get put on the back burner to be done, and then never gotten to. Unfortunately, you have had it happen a couple times. Sorry about that.

I’ll let you know about your patch in a few minutes.

It all looks good, and I have included all your fixes into CVS.

Again, sorry that you weren’t getting feedback before. Sometimes hard to keep track all the posts.

BTW: Everyone, the only big change to public interfaces is that when creating a particle manager, the constructor no longer takes a camera as it’s second parameter. (Irrisor’s changes made it unnecessary).