Several Issues regarding Projected Grid Water

I am using the projected grid water that was posted here:

To create some water for my game. However after complementing everything i have come across several issues.
Here is a video that outlines some of my issues since its easier to explain it that way:

You may read the description for more info or read below:

> Firstly you can see that the reflection is much to large, both for the Red Object and the sky.

> Secondly, you can see that the normal maps is returning a strange white look ontop of the water, instead of small wave shadows.

> And lastly, when i rotate the camera, the water shape seems to change.

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I have the same exact issues as you. But i’m not an expert on that topic so i couldn’t fix it.

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Hmmm. I’ve tried everything. I’ve looked where the cam object is referenced. For the last issue where everything changes when i rotate the camera. It is referenced a lot, so perhaps it changes something when the cam is rotated by accident. Ive also looked at the reflection code, but i cant find anything there :confused: As for the normals, i think this approach uses them as a specular sort of thing. But its not white enough.

The issue is most definitely in the Projected Grid Class:

I’ve narrowed it down to this section of the code:
I think the issue originates from here somewhere:


   height = cam.getLocation().getY();

    Camera camera = cam; = camera.clone();
    viewPortWidth = camera.getWidth();
    viewPortHeight = camera.getHeight();




    source.set(0.5f, 0.5f);
    getWorldIntersection(height, source, modelViewProjectionInverse, pointFinal);

    pointFinal.multLocal(1.0f / pointFinal.getW());
    realPoint.set(pointFinal.getX(), pointFinal.getY(), pointFinal.getZ());

I found the issue where it deforms everything when you rotate. Th eissue is caused by this line:


I think. This: .addLocal(cam.getDirection() causes the mesh to rotate with the camera, but when it roatetes with the camera, it somehow changes its appearance along the grid.

Check out for solution to the reflection issue.