Several problems

i'm playing sound effects by calling this does only work properly if some background music is playing. i play background music via

  public void crossfadeToTrack(final AudioTrack p_newTrack)
    //todo wait for jme fix
    Core.getInstance().addDeveloperMessage("Crossfading to track " + p_newTrack);

except for ONE sound. opening the treasure chest always works, but i use the exact same code to load the audiotrack. where should i start to check what's wrong?

what is causing this?

(by not properly, i mean the sound effects is turning down. i hold the mouse button, the first shot is loud, the next one is slightly more silent, the 5th one is barly audible?

By intuition and the description you have given…

could it be that the crossover is longer than the sound-clip itself and this causes the crossover to continue on the next instance of he sound? Perhaps the chest opening is longer in duration than the other sound effects?

this happens when i shoot while opening a chest

  1. i hear almost nothing
  2. press "e" to open the chest
  3. chooting gets louder, i'm hearing the shots
  4. chest sound finished
  5. weapon fire sound vanishes within seconds.

    the crossover-times aren't set for the sound effects, i'm not using the music queue for this. (why should i? sound effects are no music)

    so - why does one sound control the volume of another?

i randomly called some methods on audiotrack like setvolume, setminvolume, deleted them again, and now i'm hearing all sounds as they should be - except for the music which stops after a few seconds without any reason. the whole sound system seems very buggy to me :confused:

  1. Is everything working correctly (in same situations) when the music is NOT playing?
  2. You are using positional audio for all these sounds?
  3. Are you firing off these sound effects from different threads?
  4. Any chance of you whipping up a simple example where one can see/hear what you describe?
  1. the answer is too complex as it depends on bazillions of settings i randomly tried
  2. yes
  3. no, all from the gl thread
  4. no, but i'll provide hhexen itself when it's done. i "fixed" the problem by calling stop & play myself, ditching the musicqueue and changing the track type to environmental instead of music.