Shaded by Shaders

Found a downloadable package for creating shaders at

So gave it a go and made a effect i liked.

Now - how to get it into my JME scene graph… :? :?

What do i need to read / do to create a shader to use in JME ??

last time I looked at this, I got the impression it was solely a dx tool :? I could be wrong as I am mostly but…

I don’t think Nvidia’s FX composer will work for OpenGL because HLSL is a DirectX only shading language.

FX Composer FAQ:

Does FX Composer work with Cg or GLSL?

We are always evaluating opportunites to provide powerful tools for developers, but have no plans to add support for other languages to FX Composer.  FX Composer was built to support the large number of developers using HLSL in their applications.

I believe ATI's RenderMonkey allows you to export to an OpenGL shading language.
dougnukem said:

I believe ATI's RenderMonkey allows you to export to an OpenGL shading language.

...and it was named well to boot. ;)

Ahh, thanks, makes sense ( me kicks himself for not thinking that one through )…

In that case, does anyone know any descent opengl packages to create a shader with …

Perhaps you can import your effect into Rendermonkey, then export it as GLSL?

You can definetly take a look at the exampl GLSL code they give you as examples with RenderMonkey the problem is, it sets up this whole "workspace" that contains all your shaders, and parameters being sent to the shaders, and it seems like you can export this a .rfx render monkey XML file, which comes with the DTD for the XML with the saved file. But I think there then needs to be someway to easily import this workspace/shader scene into java monkey engine. The XML doesn't look to hairy and all I think you have to do is map some parameters to the shader, then load the *.obj file and attach the shader pass to it in jME. If I get a chance this week I might dive into it, we just did a bunch of XML data translation stuff at work so I should be up for it.