Shader bounds problem in Android

I got the error “cannot render mesh without shader bound”.

I read this.

And apparently I’m suppose to go with an svn of jme3 to solve this.

After much work and lots of time I got the svn to work.

Now I’v checkout jme3 and I got a project called jME3svn where I have the lib folder.

I’m suppose to add the needed jars from this lib to my project, just like add external jars, except these are not external.

So I added the android.jar, because thats all my game needs (anyway from the nightly build), but then my whole code starts complaining.

It says nothing exsists, like AndroidHarness etc.

What step did I miss in using a checkedout jme?

Because as for now I use the solution:

mat.setBoolean(“VertexLighting”, true);

But it creates big black parts on the screen making it difficult to see the scene. So I gota solve it another way… But how?