Shader nodes code generation


I want to see the code of the compiled shader, so far the only way I found is to add an error to it
but when it compiles fine and dont render the expected result, where can I get the code of the final shader ?


See TestShaderNodes for an example on how to do that.

Also if you use the editor it’s in the source tab.

the only source tab I know is the one in material editor but it does not display the source of the compiled shader

so for those interested in this:

 public void DebugShader(Material mat)
        Technique t = mat.getActiveTechnique();
        for (Shader.ShaderSource shaderSource : t.getShader().getSources()) {

I guess you didn’t realize but there is a ShaderNode editor when you edit a J3md file in the sdk.
Click on the editor tab when you open a j3md.

lol I was looking for buttons at the bottom of the j3md file :stuck_out_tongue: