Shader set-up issue

Hello everyone, I have a simple issue here with shader setup. I’m following a tutorial on it here and I’ve created a simple .j3md file in my Shaders folder.

His .j3md looks like this:

Mine like this:

What is the equivalent of “VertexShader GLSL100: path” and “FragmentShader GLSL100: *path” found in the older version, in the newer one? Because he changes it. The only paths I see in mine are .j3sn but the files I am supposed to change them to are .vert and .frag

Thank you :slight_smile:

Use the “older” format. It still works because it’s not “older” in the “newer” is replacing it sense… it’s “older” in the “been around longer”.

Shader nodes are a new thing but they didn’t replace the original way. Unshaded was converted to use shader nodes is all. It’s not required.